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Fix Saving at Checkpoints

I checked all 4 pages and did not see anyone writing about saving issue... yet on the forums there are 4 pages of people complaining about that!

You absolutely need to make a real save at each checkpoints so that people can quit the game and resume without losing all of their progress!!

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    Hugo-D-HawkX shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • BaeWooJeong commented  · 

        When is this going to be fixed? I have only just got my PS4 and this is the only game I have but it is completely unplayable with the saving issues at the moment. I have put hours into this game and have to start chapter 2 again every single time. Lots and lots of complaints. Please fix! I choose how long I am going to play for not you!

      • THEQUEENSCHEESE commented  · 

        This is stupid, fine extra auto saves will be good but why is there a problem of just letting us save where and when we want- like skyrim for eg?

      • majorg60 commented  · 

        Is there any update on when this patch will be available? I'm not the best of FPS gamers and keep on dying. The current save system is rubbing salt into the wound and though I like the game I'm getting tired of having to continually replay chapter 2. :-(

      • shadowxdrago commented  · 

        Knowing when the game saves is NOT the issue. You have a problem where checkpoints are going back to the very beginning, i assure you this.

      • shadowxdrago commented  · 

        So bad. Chater 6 the agent, i was at the end where the girl meets up with you.this morning im at the very very beginningof the?level. Wdf.

      • FJRISH commented  · 

        I agree that this should not be marked as "COMPLETED" until its actually fixed in a patch that everyone can enjoy! ;)

        I REALLY cant wait to play it again!! (for the first time actually since i stopped after the 2nd chapter)

      • rob909e commented  · 

        Completed?!?! Are you F |_| C \< I N G kidding me... here it is 20 days after the ADMIN says Completed, yet the game still has the same B S saving problem... BOOOOOOO. Guerrilla You Stink!!!

      • Hexperience commented  · 

        What's the point of saving more frequently if I can't START at the last checkpoint? I can't play the game the way it is. I only get short bursts of game time. This applies to Shadow Fall and Merc! Disappointed and can't recommend this to my friends... sad day...

      • thornguy commented  · 

        This is not "complete" please fix this. You'd think after killing Tyran (chapter 8/9) would be a good place to save. Nope, fired up the game and had to do it all over again. Makes the game a lot less fun when you have to do the same **** over again.

      • LadyMiLch commented  · 

        take 'completed' off this victor until its actually completed... are you kidding me?

      • yms77 commented  · 

        This bug has a plus side for me. Being new to the console & FPS scene; playing the same chapter over and over has polished my skills quite a bit!! Having said that we really need a fix ASAP. I don't have the time to sit and complete a full chapter in the same sitting especially with a young family and business to run! Please patch this bug urgently to keep me playing this great game, otherwise I'll lose interest like the many others posting comments.

      • Ade_P111073 commented  · 

        When will this update happen, the game is virtually useless until it does!

      • Frasier0303 commented  · 

        OMG ... how I hate this! Every time I restart my PS4 I am thrown back to the start of the **** chapter! How stupid is this people!? I am just a casual player with about 1 hour of playing time every few days. But when I have to start all over again each time I want to play, I rather quit this game and play Battlefield 4 instead!

      • l3eatle commented  · 

        I just got my PS4 last night. I bought this game to go with it but I have not opened it yet. I'm really glad that I read a review that talked about this terrible save system. I will return it as it will be unplayable for me in this state. Maybe I'll pick it up again if the patch comes out soon enough but I'll probably be playing something else by then and not bother.

      • Darkild commented  · 

        How come this is marked as completed when saving at checkpoints is not fixed as OP requested? As it stands i cannot play this game as i usually only have around 1-2 hours play time every now and then. How many times do you expect me to want to redo the same chapter? This is a game breaker!

      • Darkild commented  · 

        This is a big issue for me as well. Love the game but having to restart chapters kills it for me.

      • Flubious commented  · 

        It is basically impossible for me to make any real progress in a session that lasts less than an hour. Back on the shelf until this gets patched.

      • thehacked commented  · 

        yesss any ideas when the patch is coming out?

      • knimrod commented  · 

        Thought this was a great game for a casual FPS player. That is until I came back to it and discovered I lost a couple hours of progress.. This is my first console and first console game. I'm used to playing on a PC and saving when I want to save. This is ridiculous. Since the devs apparently have no interest in fixing this, I have no interest in keeping it. I'm returning it and getting something else. Hopefully, there are other games that are not so archaic. Sheesh.

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