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Extend Melee Range For Scout When Cloaked

As of right now Scout's cloaked melee is rather difficult to consistently use without absolutely hugging the opponent. Many Scouts are left frustrated attempting to knife opponents at what seems to be an appropriate range but miss because of the odd timing. The melee range should be slightly extended to compensate for the awkward shift between cloaked and uncloaked melee timing.

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    BlueWestlo shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • ChainClutch commented  · 

        No fault found, it works fine the way it is you are probably just not doing it right, it can be hard at first since you are cloaked but with practice you will get better, i can get insane kill streaks with a knife while cloaked, please do not "extend" the range of the knife its going to cause more problems then anything.

      • Ademisknight commented  · 

        I UN-vote this idea. Its is good the way it is.

      • Khronikos commented  · 

        It isn't as bad as KZ3. It actually works now. No more tinkering with this. It is FINE AS IS RIGHT NOW.

      • kilocan commented  · 

        I believe this has been fixed (or worse, depending on your point of view) with patch 1.26. GG now activated the "Cloaked scorpion mode", which is able to give a "Get over here" with invisible hook. Totally ridiculous, as it was in KZ3. GG as always, ruining the game.

      • timberdog66 commented  · 

        Hit box for cloaked knife swipe definitely needs to be adjusted (enlarged), its too small to consistently to pull off.

      • JIN0sc1de commented  · 

        I support this as opposed to giving the Scout Brutal Melee, . The range of the melee(The knife Swipe)and hit detection needs some work and I Hate the Scout.

      • crimduck commented  · 

        It's a joke! My K:D ratio has plummeted trying to work on this challenge.

      • Knucklehead211 commented  · 

        Disagree. Scouts continually trump my brutal melee because their blade is faster than mine.

      • xPreMiEr7 commented  · 

        Or actually learn to play without having to constantly be cloaked....Which is a huge thing for people who play that class they hide cloaked melee till it runs out and then go camp somewhere wait for it to recharge and repeat

      • Sarsky commented  · 

        its such bull the mele is, i am trying to sort out so many problems with this by tweeting the designers of the multi and even messaging support and posting on this just to get told moderators have to check something from 5 hours ago...
        if you agree with idea i posted which has the same concern as you please repost it and get them to notice, if we repost posts then we can get there attention, once mine is up.
        coopy and paste it, and add problems with other classes or other general problems, that way they cant pass it of.

      • Stubagel commented  · 

        This. Too often am I chasing a guy only to finally catch, and knife him, and meet 3+ teammates and immediately get killed. However, flipside, I am always getting killed by snipers bolting around corners just going for melee streaks, knowing that their cloak is blaringly obvious on the majority of maps.

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