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Make it easier to tell whether a petrusite grenade is thrown by an enemy or ally

When a petrusite grenade is thrown, it isn't really made clear if it is from an ally or enemy besides running in to the cloud and see whether or not you take damage. I think the cloud should be color coded so it can be easier to determine which team the grenade was thrown from. For example Green=ally, Orange(or red)=enemy.

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    warlock15 shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • JIN0sc1de commented  · 

        This suggestion was implemented as part of patch 1.14 (24APR14). The enemy grenade now visibly pulses red from its base.

      • Assass1nN1nja commented  · 

        The newest patch solves this problem. The inner aura glows red and pulses wide so you know when it's an enemy petrusite grenade.

      • MichaelMoK5 commented  · 

        just change the color of the enemy petrusite to Orange-red!!!! so what if theirs different color petrusites. or possibly Helghast get an orange-red and VSA get Green-Blue. works with the color scheme of the factions.

      • kilocan commented  · 

        I do not know how this idea got so many votes, has so much more important thing to vote. No need to change anything about it, just watch the base of petrusita, or get close enough: if you're taking damage is the enemy.

      • JIN0sc1de commented  · 

        The Petrusite grenade is already color coded at the base of the grenade itself. You just have to slow down and look before walking towards it. I would rather expanding the color of the base of the grenade, such as Red for enemy, as opposed to changing the entire color of the radiation..

      • og_JoyDivision commented  · 

        that should already be a no brainer Ma1nframe, if yr HGH then the HGH bots won't shoot at you and vice versa. Pay attention to the game.

        Please people think before you post.

      • jason6322 commented  · 

        The petrusite grenade is already a different color then the enemy's. It orange in the center of the blast.

      • Ma1nframe commented  · 

        This is a no brainer. I find many times you don't know if it's 'friendly' or not. Also things like air support need to be color coded that you know INSTANTLY if it's friendly or not. I think all VSA stuff should be BLUE and all Helghast should be RED. Instantly solves the problem.

      • RydogV commented  · 

        I agree with this idea. It is frustrating not to have this kind of intel, for several reasons. Maybe when friendly fire is on, it stays one color but in normal matches there should be a more clear indicator.

      • Psytonik commented  · 

        Petrusite grenade damage both team !

      • og_JoyDivision commented  · 

        they already do, if you look down at an active grenade, if its solid green(friendly) and green with a red center(enemy).

      • IronicBadger commented  · 

        Nah, think it should stay unbiased ,makes for a more treacherous experience

      • IISAIFII commented  · 

        That's a good one, sometimes I get confused it really ******, many things need a fix and changes I will keep playing kz but if things just keep the same it not going to hold for so long, and the lag on the game it's really killing me sometime I miss playing cod for its smoothliess

      • Budobepe commented  · 

        Not sure I agree with this!
        Petrusite is green right? Why would the colour change?
        Although when it is thrown into an area to stop capture that is really annoying, maybe make it impossible to do that, use the capture circle as an exclusion zone

      • ropa-to commented  · 

        I like this idea too, too many times I've tried shooting the grenade and wondering why it's not disappearing.

      • Tomcat407 commented  · 

        this is a very good idea...i dont have any votes left though

      • afuera7 commented  · 

        I think in the campaign some of the petrusite is blue, (where you fly up, while standing on it, is that petrusite?) Maybe Green vs Blue??

      • RalvrWuff commented  · 

        You can see whether a petrusite grenade is from your team or the enemy's by looking at he center where the actual grenade is. If the word "Petrusite" is red, shoot it to deactivate it (yes, you can and they even give you 10 points). If it's green, leave it be.

      • boyce1uk commented  · 

        ok well u do hear it it makes a sound but your team mates petrusite grenade should not fell like its killing u so maybe just change it so enemy one does damage

      • DarkRoad2Heaven commented  · 

        when its enemy petrusite, your screen turns red, if its friendly, it only stay green and u dont take damage,

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