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Team Balancing

Team balancing is still not fixed. All to often you suffer 5-0 losses several times in a row without any team balancing occurring. When you look at the team scores all the best players are all one side, with no one on my team in the top half of the rankings.

I've also had numerous occasions where the other team has more than double the number of players. Please fix these issues!!!

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    WoolyMammoth87 shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • videogeek commented  · 

        I was notified of the new auto-forfeit feature on facebook. I waited for the update to finish and install. I logged in to play and within a short period of time I found myself on a team with myself and another user against a team of more than five. I continued to play figuring the auto-forfeit feature would kick in. It didn't my teammate left and I was alone with again a definite five. We played four more mission on the extended warzone with me on 5 with the occassional drop in on my team to quickly see how disadvantaged we were and leave again. The auto-forfeit feature never engaged. What does it take to active it?

      • RawWilson1 commented  · 

        Team balancing is not fixed/completed. I just got out of a match that was 5-0. Do you believe that's balanced or something?

      • colef10 commented  · 

        Multiple 5-0s in a row is in my opinion the biggest problem with the game right now. Team balancing really needs to be tuned better. It really turns people away from the game when they get 5-0 3-4 times in a row.

      • RIC-DIAZ commented  · 

        Stop complaining and get yourself in a clan. Get with people who love KZ as much as you and you will dominate -RODM!!!

      • RydogV commented  · 

        I think incorporating Clan Matchmaking features ASAP will help with some of the skill unbalances. I almost always play with at least a couple of clanmates and at least a few times a week we have 6-8 players. We do not enjoy going into public matches and stomping unorganized randoms. We want to face of against others who are using teamwork and communication effectively. This will also provide some reprieve for non-team based randoms.

        Outside of that, there is a lot of unbalance in team size. We often get put into a match with only one or two other players on the other team. We literally have to sandbag the game so the two enemy players don't quit. Even then, sometimes it can take 2-3 matches before the enemy team populates to even numbers.

      • LiamCDM commented  · 

        I'm a decent player (1.36 KD and 1.16 WL) and it's so hard to get a win at times! All I play are TDM based warzones because unless I'm in a full party, objective warzones are unplayable. The randoms on my team suck so much. I take objectives left and right, do callouts and they don't do anything! Team balancing and OP grenades are the only two major problems I have with this beautiful game. I just hope GG is listening.

      • gingervegeta commented  · 

        Yesterday I was playing on tdm and when a new game started I kept getting shot so after abut I checked and found that it was just me against loads of others surely this is not balanced why on earth can this happen?

      • Berenwulf commented  · 

        Yep team balancing is so bad! You either win 4:0 or you lose 0:4... It's just not fun...

      • kilocan commented  · 

        Definitely did not notice any improvement. In a team with several players above level 800 and another almost the majority below 200 and one or 2 players with high level. I do not know if by coincidence or not but I have a great chance of falling into a bad team since I have above 1500 level.

      • jaxryan17 commented  · 

        And I don't know why when a game is over the next the team balancing puts me whith the wor

      • Yinkin commented  · 

        This is not possible and still allow parties/clans to play together. However with non clan players teams should re-balanced. The problem is the winner stays on effect, players who are in a winning team will stay in a room whereas losing players will leave to find a room more suitable, so over time the better players all end up on one side and the new players to the server will be made up largely of poorer players looking for a better room than the one they left. This ia what you see in killzone, battlefield and other games, it needs sorting, solve the basic winner stays on effect and you fix the problem more generally.

      • RickyDlfc commented  · 

        This will be because the other team is a party all working together and your team is full of random casual players running into walls

      • glcox commented  · 

        completely agree,this happens so often

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