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I have no idea what you need to do to fix the issue but it is sooooo much worse since the 1.10 patch came out. If its not fixed very soon im going to trade the game!!

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      • LiamCDM commented  · 

        This game although great has the second worst lag issues I've ever seen. Cod ghosts is worse. At least I'm good enough to get a 19 kill streak on a 2 bar connection.

      • Il_Il commented  · 

        its called a bad host, they eliminated voice chat to lessen bandwidth and ease people in but when the enabled it anyone with outdated internet started lagging

      • Il_Il commented  · 

        Up grade your internet, new gen, new internet needs.

      • Foxville1971 commented  · 

        lag is bad enough but when the game stops and everyone gets kicked thats when i'll get fed up and say f@@k it, like last night stopped 4 times in the space of 90 mins, i love the game but this will make people leave the MP there is a lot of great games out there and most players will not accept it the way it is. we need to hear they are at least trying to fix the problem because it's there we dont all have bad connections.

      • CyDoNiA-UK commented  · 

        Definitely needs sorting. I cannot finish a full game since the patch with lag leading to an error 10109. Was fine until recently so I am assuming it is a patch that has broken it!

      • atticus570 commented  · 

        I have 15/mbps cable and sometimes its fine other times my lag is so bad i unload a clip in some one while he seems to shoot me once and i die than 3-5 seconds after im dead they die , i love killzone but please fix this

      • RydogV commented  · 

        I will admit that the current lag is taking a bit of luster off of the game. I notice that the online numbers have been in a steady decline as well and cannot help but wonder if this is the reason why. For a game that has 'sold over 2 million copies', I am not feeling that presence online at all. Very happy with the game overall, but the lagging is an issue that cannot be ignored much longer.

      • kisst-1 commented  · 

        The game is totally unjust, the lagg always favors one side team. Many times this will cause the game premature abandonment, and long term it will cause completely depopulated the servers, like in the case of KZ3

        I think, this would be important to consider!

      • LAYZE181 commented  · 

        who knows whats up, its okay with me maybe 1 or 2 lags out of 10 games but im with it. usually i shoot for the head and if i unload a full clip and he still not dead i run of very quickly incase the walking dead tries to shoot of one 1 round before he dies lol

      • BornLate58 commented  · 

        I live on north east side of the US and my ping rate is 4ms to servers in the south east. The lag since 1.11 is better but there is still a lot of it.

      • betrion-us commented  · 

        There is minimum and rare lagging on my part, but I just noticed it now that free 2 play week has begun. I have a very small ping (usually below 20) and using wi-fi connection (20Mbps). I'm in the Europe at the moment so I might be connecting on other servers than NA accounts - I'm not sure.

      • metaID commented  · 

        it's irritating me so much right now I've stopped playing

      • Al2x commented  · 

        Trade the game? They should recall the P.O.S. and reimburse us

      • mrwarcriminal commented  · 

        This is out of control. I love the game but if the lag isnt fixed everyone is gonna quit playing. And im recommending new ps4 owners not buy the game till the lag is fixed.

      • TarantulaKing commented  · 

        Quit playing on wireless dsl. Pay for better internet services. My game rarely lags and when it does its always 1 guy... Who I'm sure is in some other country... Quit complaining all games lag.

      • Ma1nframe commented  · 

        I agree. I have had no issues with lag unitl about a week ago. I am directly wired in and have a super fast 50 down / 30 up fiber connection. It's very difficult to snipe under these conditions.

      • Mooper55 commented  · 

        my experience is quite pleasant.

      • demonseed28 commented  · 

        yeah it very very annoying when you know you kill some one because you emptied a whole clip into them and they kill you and then 5 second later they die......that lagggggggggg is killing me

      • DORINO6908 commented  · 

        I totally agree, I thought update patches are meant to improve game play, not make it worse!

      • cderry2000 commented  · 

        All of my friends (and confirmed with many others on Reddit) have experienced lag since the 1.61 PS4 Firmware update. It's not a coincidence. I shoot at someone for 3 seconds...then another 4 seconds later I either get the kill or suddenly die. This is making one of my favorite games unplayable in a time where Titanfall is getting a LOT of positive press for the Xbox One. Don't ruin it, please!

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