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Bring Back Cloaked Brutal Melee

You guys nerfed it too much. Hit detection is too inconsistent without the brutal melee. There must be a better way, this just feels lazy. I take great care to avoid detection and flank when cloaked only to get killed while flailing around instead of getting the brutal melee kill I deserve. Cloak was not overpowered before. Tac echo, stuns, automata, moving deliberately and PLAYING AS A TEAM are all excellent counters to the cloak ability. Now cloaking just isn't fun anymore. And in the end, why do I want to play a game that isn't fun?

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    chef_o_death shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Classy_Reptilian commented  · 

        Guys am I the only one who realized that non brutal melees are more practical? Sure it doesn't look as cool but it takes less time so you have less chance of being killed with your pants down

      • Khronikos commented  · 

        GG do not mess this game up with laggy cloak kills. DO NOT TURN THIS INTO KZ3 or the whining will never end. The melee and cloak IS FINE. I can't even believe this is going to be an option again after all the **** about this in KZ3.

      • LiamCDM commented  · 

        I'm trying to max out the cloak ability and let me tell you IT IS FREAKING HARD! You can't brutal melee when cloaked and this makes it so hard to use. It is completely underpowered and cloaked brutal melee will fix it in my opinion.

      • DOWoRKoRDiE commented  · 

        Everyone stop complaining! I applaud them for doing this! Learn to play the game instead of wearing ur harry potter invisibility cloak and just hoping for knife kills.

      • Trevor-1234 commented  · 

        I really miss that feeling of going cloaked, creeping up to a window and firing off just one headshot. Now for obvious balancing/fairness reasons nobody except hardcore snipers and I would approve of this in SF but I could certainly settle for a satisfying brutal kill. I mean when I use my cloak ability Id like to assume that I could get at least one solid kill in most cases without being totally **** on. After all, Im sure in most cases a turret or air support would probably get a player at least one kill if used right. Why is the cloak ability so useless??

      • timberdog66 commented  · 

        I don't really care about the brutal melee was removed, but for for crying out loud, FIX THE KNIFE SWIPE HIT BOX!!! It has become ridiculously small and almost unusable.

      • chef_o_death commented  · 

        Ironically, corner camping is now the best way to get cloaked kills. If you're with anything below an ideal connection, which is inevitable these days given the low player counts, trying to get a cloaked kill on a moving target while moving yourself is nye impossible. Two additional points: brutal melees are satisfying from an aesthetic standpoint, and whats the point of flanking or playing stealthy if the first guy I kill can call my position and or get revived?

      • JIN0sc1de commented  · 

        I disagree GG and I hope this suggestion goes into the back burner and never makes it way to the game. If I could vote against this, I would give it 3 down votes. Taking the brutal melee off of the Scout while cloaked was the best way to balance him compared to his KZ3 counterpart, the most abused class in the game.

        Giving him brutal melee will only increase camping in a corner for a kill ruining team play, at least this forces you to play to win and not play for a kill. ** IF anything the brutal melee Hit Detection and Melee Knife Swipe is what GG needs to review, not give him another leg up by giving him brutal melee. **

      • MrMcGibblets1995 commented  · 

        Brutal melees were the point of playing scout. It made it more interesting and skillful to play as a scout. To brutal melee someone while cloaked took timing and precision. You could wait for an enemy to group up with his team, brutal him and take tht time to adjust to plan on readying your scope. I feel like an axe murdered on the battlefield hacking away only to find tht the normal melee feels like it takes longer to switch back to your weapon. I am done with shadow fall if this continues. The support class is being overpowered while the other classes get nerfed. Especially scout. Which was a perfect class until guerrilla games tinkered with it.

      • betrion-us commented  · 

        i for one did not have any problems with this - try other classes if you can't play this one

      • xWhiteGodx commented  · 

        I came back playing after a month to find out I couldn't brutally melee someone. Tried it on one of the new maps first only to get gunned in the face. Then I ran up and tried to BM an uncloaked scout and he turns it on me. Another time when I had dropped down on someone I just slid off. I'm not sure why they would get rid of such a necessary feature. Why is it that someone wielding a knife can't BM another person? Nor drop down on them and get an air assassinate? There must be some Dungeons and Dragons magical spell that forbids us cloaked scouts from brutally meleeing a person.

      • Flail commented  · 

        Yeah thats so true... It's super hard to get the melee kill because I think the enemy can make a brutal melee kill before you ever get the chance to kill him when cloaked...
        nevertheless going melee with a ****** is still utter ********!

      • Stozz_43 commented  · 

        Yes, the melees are definitely an issue, you can be tapping the melee button when you are literally facing and touching the enemy and the melee won't register for anything. And it happens all the time. Frustrating, got so mad that I do not ever attempt to melee in cloak mode.

      • seanoz commented  · 

        Yes this needs attention, it's virtually impossible to get a brutal melee cloaked, I think it has probably only occurred because it coincided with my cloak timing out when I clicked the melee, it's quite hard to achieve a melee as it is and having to get so close should allow for a proper brutal melee.

      • CopperZero commented  · 

        I agree I have recently gone back to using the cloak and all of a sudden it's proving more annoying than anything and extremely frustrating at times. You have to get right up close to be able to use it which is pointless if someone is running away and I swear standard melee has a much better reach than being cloaked.

        It's just too clumsy.

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