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All new Maps should be Remakes of KZ2 and 3 maps...

To be honest, I really don't want any brand new maps in Killzone Shadowfall. What I really want is for GG to bring back the best maps of Killzone 2 and 3 (2 Especially).

-Salaman Market (The best MP map I have ever played)
-Wasteland Bullet (The map on a moving train!)
-Southern Hills (The map where a Nuke would go off every 5 min!)
-Beach Head (The best map from Killzone 1 was beautiful in KZ2)
-Blood Gracht (Excellent close quarters corridor fighting)
-Akmir Snowdrift (Most played map of KZ3. We need a snowy map)
-Turbine Concourse SE-6 (Even without jetpacks this map would be fun with some tweaks. The EMP blast was awesome.)

So 7 maps may sound like a lot, but honestly I would rather have these 7 remakes than any of the new maps (Besides the 2 already being made). I think any other Killzone Vets out there will agree with me, and if Shadowfall is your first Kilzone, I HIGHLY recommend you look up some of these maps on youtube to see what you are missing...

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    Captain_Tom shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • ASH_ufo commented  · 

        all i need is Tharsis depot and Blood Gracht from kz2!!

      • EL_DAMASO_r57 commented  · 

        deathmatch clan tournaments in retro maps!!Akmir Snowdrift,Blood Gracht,Bulevar bilgarsk,frozen dam kz3 :D

      • UR_GREAT_GRANDAD commented  · 

        please GG keep in mind that some maps would be too big for 12 v 12, i mean kz2 was 32 players it had enough players to keep the action going around the whole map. Radec academy & Tharsis depot will be perfect as remakes from kz2 as they were smalll maps but no doubt kz2 had the best maps

      • irtizahasan commented  · 

        Yes please! I loved all of these maps and will bring a lot more longevity to the game for players/fans of the series

      • Chaosxfate86 commented  · 

        Akmir and Corinth Highway would be nice to have but I think a fresh experience would be better... All of those maps was fun then, I want maps that will be fun now. Nostalgia isn't everything, let the past be glorious and the future promising

      • nox163 commented  · 

        I want remakes of the kz 1-2, but I also want new maps (no remakes) for this game. Salamun Market would be amazing!! :-)

      • Macio_82 commented  · 

        Hey, DEV TEAM, good job with The Academy map. Now it's time for some non-CQB map, isn't it? ;) Pyrrhus Rise?

      • BSprofile commented  · 

        salamun and phyruss rise at NIGHT. it can be lit by the moon (if helghan has a moon?) and the petrusite leaking out of the torn up ground (like in the canyon and other shadow fall maps that are on helghan)

      • towrider commented  · 

        We need all cart killzone 2 on shadowfall please guérilla this is a good gift

      • towrider commented  · 

        it's a very good idea

      • Macio_82 commented  · 

        I beg your pardon, PROJECT_GUNGRAVE, but Remains map is nothing more than Bilgarsk Bulevard after Terracide... :/ But still there are some other maps which may improve the MP gameplay experience. I still have im my mind the Pyrrus Rise with collapsed bridges (after Terracide - there must be some impact on that) but with a massive GRAVITY WELLS coming out from the gap! Petrusite gravity wells are nice idea is campaign, so why not to use them in MP as well? ;) Instead of bridges, that is.

      • PROJECT_GUNGRAVE commented  · 

        Bulevar bilgarsk is a good map to remake in shadowfall

      • sahloos commented  · 

        that's exactly what we need and also we need need the map from kz2 readc academy

      • Macio_82 commented  · 

        Yeah, all the maps currently released are strongly CQB maps. I remember the times of Phyrrus Rising and Visari's Hammer (!) where people could play mid-range to long-range battles. Current maps are pretty claustrophobic, don't you think? Please, put some non-CQB maps again. :) It doesn't mean that KZ will became another BF/CoD shooter, don't be afraid of that. But it will release the new possibilities of all of this huge new scope of warfare. Keep it up, you're doing a great job there (awesome campaign, must say)!

      • ggg5rezsdv commented  · 

        Same idea here.
        All maps of KZ3 in a package, i will buy it in a heartbeat.(if not too expensiv)
        The best ones for me are :
        canal sanglant and congère d'akmir

      • rrk09 commented  · 

        I would love to see akmir snowdrift , blood gracht , bilgarsk boulevard on shadow fall.

      • spiker7 commented  · 

        Phyrrius Rising...

      • Clerk13 commented  · 

        Akmir bilgarsk phyruss all kick *** :-)

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