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All new Maps should be Remakes of KZ2 and 3 maps...

To be honest, I really don't want any brand new maps in Killzone Shadowfall. What I really want is for GG to bring back the best maps of Killzone 2 and 3 (2 Especially).

-Salaman Market (The best MP map I have ever played)
-Wasteland Bullet (The map on a moving train!)
-Southern Hills (The map where a Nuke would go off every 5 min!)
-Beach Head (The best map from Killzone 1 was beautiful in KZ2)
-Blood Gracht (Excellent close quarters corridor fighting)
-Akmir Snowdrift (Most played map of KZ3. We need a snowy map)
-Turbine Concourse SE-6 (Even without jetpacks this map would be fun with some tweaks. The EMP blast was awesome.)

So 7 maps may sound like a lot, but honestly I would rather have these 7 remakes than any of the new maps (Besides the 2 already being made). I think any other Killzone Vets out there will agree with me, and if Shadowfall is your first Kilzone, I HIGHLY recommend you look up some of these maps on youtube to see what you are missing...

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    Captain_Tom shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • SEBXDXDXD18 commented  · 

        Go to status complete go down a bit and your see this is their atm project and stormgratchet and terminal will probably be the last new maps for a while still good idea but check complete and declined first because its not original.

      • dboyskuxx commented  · 

        I would love another really big open sniping maps like inlet or intel...

      • ChainClutch commented  · 

        this would be sick if GG can pull this off, maybe not all the maps but maybe like the best 2 from KZ2 and KZ3..

      • BRAINFRIER66 commented  · 

        I personally like bigger maps than the close quarter maps like Corrinth Highway and Bigarsk boulevard is also a good map. I love the sniping in killzone 3 so bigger maps would make the Scout class have a purpose.

      • nyrue commented  · 

        i'm a die hard killzone fan but don't you want to see some new maps they're gonna do some retro maps they always do so relax

      • Dirty__Dutchman commented  · 

        Keep on dreaming guy's,never gonna hapen.
        Prob 2 maps wil be back from KZ2,shure hope for pyrrhus and tharsis depot.

      • Giaper21 commented  · 

        All killzone 2 maps with balanced respawn,his dark graphics-visuals and exploding headshots!!!!!

      • book_keeper420 commented  · 

        I would like it if they brought back ALL of the KillZone 2/3 multiplayer maps.

        I loved every single one of them and surely the PS4 would be able to support all of them if Guerrilla Games would just put in the work.

      • KiLL-U-LaTAh commented  · 

        Yes Boulevard and Mawlr Graveyard were great. I loved Pyrus Crater and Akmir though.

      • DRAKER3 commented  · 

        This would be AWESOME! imagine Beach Head and Wasteland Bullet with the updated graphical fidelity of KZSF not to mention my favorite maps of all time Salaman Market and Radec Academy, GG please make it happen!.. I've had over 300 hours of multiplayer mayhem in KZ2, the most playtime I ever had in ANY multiplayer game. This would be really special to me if any of these maps get remade.

      • cj100tx commented  · 

        Helghan industries , corinth crossing, vasari square, phyruss rising , and saluman market at night sound good

      • Wofuljac commented  · 

        Lente Missile Base from KZ3!!! Love that map!

      • Zucco910 commented  · 

        Can someone tell me how to download the new maps, I just bought KZ and I don't much about this, I don't have The Factory The Hangar or any other DLC maps

      • LORD_BALTIMORE02 commented  · 

        KZSF is 30 years after KZ3,so most retro maps on helghan will be reduced to be nothing but rubble and ash.I don't see how GG can do this.

      • McBanks29 commented  · 

        KZ2 Salamun Market and KZ2 Southern Hills - keep the nuke, such a rockin gameplay element (and the alarm and how sometimes the alarm wouldnt even go off, you'd just have the 5 seconds of shockwave to RRUUUNNNN)

      • Majestic-Man commented  · 

        Yes please, to all these maps.
        It would be awesome to go down momery lane while playing this one.

      • The_Scorpion1826 commented  · 

        Hey I go way back why not bring back a few original killzone maps. Like the subway looking one. A great map from the first game.

      • MrTurtIe commented  · 

        Corinth Crossing? Or Highway I think it was, was so epic

      • MrTurtIe commented  · 

        Blood Gracht

        BEST FPS MP MAP EVER in my opinion

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