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All new Maps should be Remakes of KZ2 and 3 maps...

To be honest, I really don't want any brand new maps in Killzone Shadowfall. What I really want is for GG to bring back the best maps of Killzone 2 and 3 (2 Especially).

-Salaman Market (The best MP map I have ever played)
-Wasteland Bullet (The map on a moving train!)
-Southern Hills (The map where a Nuke would go off every 5 min!)
-Beach Head (The best map from Killzone 1 was beautiful in KZ2)
-Blood Gracht (Excellent close quarters corridor fighting)
-Akmir Snowdrift (Most played map of KZ3. We need a snowy map)
-Turbine Concourse SE-6 (Even without jetpacks this map would be fun with some tweaks. The EMP blast was awesome.)

So 7 maps may sound like a lot, but honestly I would rather have these 7 remakes than any of the new maps (Besides the 2 already being made). I think any other Killzone Vets out there will agree with me, and if Shadowfall is your first Kilzone, I HIGHLY recommend you look up some of these maps on youtube to see what you are missing...

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    Captain_Tom shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • StorMigInte commented  · 

        tharsis and radec academy as well please

      • Labess commented  · 

        Le marché de Salomone. La meilleure

      • JoHaN187 commented  · 

        Paar oude maps en paar nieuwe als dlc lets say 3old and 3 New maps as dlc seasonpass love killzone keep up the good work :-)

      • Wofuljac commented  · 

        I don't think 'all new maps' should be remakes. But I would love to have some.

      • Erranaxx commented  · 

        Turbine Concourse!!!!!!!!!

      • Haihappen commented  · 

        I don't think this is a good idea. This is KZ:SF, not KZ2 or 3. We didn't pay for a new game to see old things.

      • Wofuljac commented  · 

        Yeah like Radec Academy! MY FAVE MAP!

      • stephen06121983 commented  · 

        The idea of Killzone 2 maps would bring a breath of fresh air to the game.
        It would also introduce new fans to the older maps that we have enjoyed for years.
        Pyrrhus rise,salamun market,Radec academy,Corinth from kz3.
        All classics and all sadly missed.

      • JIN0sc1de commented  · 

        With such a large request, this would probably need to be a separate paid DLC. Especially if it wasn't already planned from the beginning. I support this cause and all of the maps mentioned but I doubt it'll happen..

      • colef10 commented  · 

        Not all of them but I'd like a few.

      • iNsOmNiAk95 commented  · 

        I would kill to see the killzone 2 maps back. KZS is good because of the heavy feel(like killzone 2) but the maps are all the same. Just long narrow passages, and absolutely unplayable with 24 players. I want the old maps back, honestly kzs maps are a joke! including the canyon.

      • EEZEEMONEY commented  · 

        I would love to see all the KZ2 maps remastered for shadow fall. Phyrrus Rise would be epic for long range warfare, tactics so important and great for sniping. My favourite (just) was Salamun Market, layout was excellent. I could go on and on about the brilliance of the KZ2 maps, the smaller ones are absolutely brutal but fun because each team has to MEAN IT!
        I would be prepared to pay if these maps were added as DLC, so this shows how much they are missed. I also think it would greatly help the dwindling player base grow again.
        Watched video of KZ2 maps and it brought a tear to my eye, if these maps have any chance at all of making a reappearance please make it happen!!

      • hsotnas80 commented  · 

        GG - you need to get the bigger maps of kz2 and kz3 back in sfall...
        to be honest - the maps in sfall are a big disappointment as killzone was never about CQC.

      • canadas1483 commented  · 

        No not remakes! The samas as the old maps. we've all seen what gg have done with shadow fall! Out of all Killzone this hast to be the worse game ever! Stop inventing ur killing killzone ! Just look at how many ppl still play kz2! More than shadow fall & kz3. Open your eyes g games! Day by day your killing killzone ! Were was this support 4 kz3?!?!? If this bs gos on i will never play or buy killzone again

      • StorMigInte commented  · 

        I really like this idea, it would be awsome with finally having a snow map in shadow fall.. Still love this game without one though... :)

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