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All new Maps should be Remakes of KZ2 and 3 maps...

To be honest, I really don't want any brand new maps in Killzone Shadowfall. What I really want is for GG to bring back the best maps of Killzone 2 and 3 (2 Especially).

-Salaman Market (The best MP map I have ever played)
-Wasteland Bullet (The map on a moving train!)
-Southern Hills (The map where a Nuke would go off every 5 min!)
-Beach Head (The best map from Killzone 1 was beautiful in KZ2)
-Blood Gracht (Excellent close quarters corridor fighting)
-Akmir Snowdrift (Most played map of KZ3. We need a snowy map)
-Turbine Concourse SE-6 (Even without jetpacks this map would be fun with some tweaks. The EMP blast was awesome.)

So 7 maps may sound like a lot, but honestly I would rather have these 7 remakes than any of the new maps (Besides the 2 already being made). I think any other Killzone Vets out there will agree with me, and if Shadowfall is your first Kilzone, I HIGHLY recommend you look up some of these maps on youtube to see what you are missing...

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    Captain_Tom shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • DOWoRKoRDiE commented  · 

        And STAHL ARMS!!!! Would be epic for shadowfall

      • DOWoRKoRDiE commented  · 

        you forgot the greatest map ever, PYRUS RISE!!! Excuse my spelling

      • Lefior commented  · 

        I like some of those maps although I got to say to add the original killzone map, like the original beach level. and dlc redone of certain maps are good like the theros depot dlc killzone 3 map when it got bigger, and the missle launcher level, its all nice to think about I love the hills map from original killzone with the 2 big bunker areas

      • OxygenGamingNet commented  · 

        If you want to play the old maps play the old games. The whole point of new games is that there NEW.

      • gingervegeta commented  · 

        Southern hills was my all time favorite kz multiplayer map it should be bought back

      • DSouza_Vasco-91 commented  · 

        Turbine Concourse SE-6 and Saluman Market are good options to KZSF DLC

      • AroGantz commented  · 

        Visari Hammer, it was one of my favourite KZ2 maps.

      • Totalgameruk commented  · 

        What would be awesome if they remade the map from killzone 1 thinking it were the train station 1 loved that map

      • Moxto commented  · 

        I loved all the maps' design from KZ2. KZ3 on the other hand, not so much.
        I would love to see Beach Head, Radec Academy, Tharsis Depot, Blood Gracht (even though this particular map was pretty imbalanced it was really fun to play), Salaman Market and of course Phyrrus Rise.

      • E_Feast16 commented  · 

        Radec Academy was The Best. Would LOVE to see them bring that map back

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