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Add more customisation for character in MP

The ability to add a more personal touch to your character. For example, in game emblem, a choice of uniform design/ colour, choice of armour sets...

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    glyn_y2k3 shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • cadge666 commented  · 

        Totally agree nothing drastic but little tweeks for the different teams i.E helgast/ VSA ect ._. Would b briliantl to help identify friends in the teams :)

      • badassanan commented  · 

        But without money, but challenges.

      • BSprofile commented  · 

        Agree with ausxau. nothing too drastic. different types of helmets, goggles and "some" armor pieces. i still think a ****** should look like a ******, support should still look like support and so on.

        it would be cool if you could customize the light colors on the soldiers as well (vsa lights & helghast goggles). like VSA light colors can only be shades of blue and green and helghast lights (or goggle lights) can only be shades of orange to red.

        I'd make a suggestion for this light color custimaztion idea but i'm out of votes... lol

      • ausxau commented  · 

        Allow a limited amount of customization while keeping true to the Killzone franchise. We don't need orange hair or rainbow jackets. Just minor choices but ones that matter.

      • thAnAtos2126 commented  · 

        I think it would be cool to see female skins to match the female voices, if you can do that it would be very much appreciated. My girlfriend also likes to play a lot she loves the voices and wishes you guys can add a female skin pack as well. I think maybe being able to change some things aesthetically like some armor parts and helmets could help with customization. New abilities would be pretty neat being able to mix and match 2 classes like in Killzone 2 I think would be a great customization feature. Alright thanks a lot GG you guys are great and keep it up! Oh one more idea: Maybe changing player skins like we can do with our automas would be a nice touch as well using the same automa options for the characters.

      • ChainClutch commented  · 

        i like this idea but only to a certain extent.. i dont want killzone to be like COD blackops... but i do agree a little more customization would be nice cause right now we only got voice addons and skins for the bots and drones... would be nice to see just a tad more customization

      • Giaper21 commented  · 

        Fix the map pack in latin america region

      • book_keeper420 commented  · 

        As far as customization goes I would really enjoy being able to switch to a female skinned character to go along with my voice pack.

        The voice package is nice but it isn't the same when I see a man lying on the ground bleeding out emitting the voice.

        If Call of Duty can do this on the PS3/360 you guys can do this with Shadow Fall on the PS4!

      • ATOMIC-ANT12 commented  · 

        **** the game needs this.
        Its epic already but still it would be awesome.
        As long as it will still be serious because pink snipers and yellow assault guys won't make it better

      • Damiien commented  · 

        That's would be great and you could more the additional colors and schemes DLC's that would be an add on

      • nyrue commented  · 

        too much customization would ruin killzone imo,

      • antaganon commented  · 

        Oh god please no colors...or gun camo or any kind of camo at all for that matter...killzone has to keep its killzone look but swapping armor pieces is to die for

      • Father_Kotomine commented  · 

        like being able to cover your uniform with pot leaves. And like totally and **** riffs as a spotlight move! Church!

      • LazyShady commented  · 

        Please do add customization. Killzone has such unique outfits!

      • hideki_usagi commented  · 

        Agree with Horiocio...be careful with colors. I would suggest either unlockable or dlc assets that are specific to each class and allow customization of the physical look of your character.

        But you need to be careful with this. I love the idea of customization but I'm not sure how I feel about possibly losing the ability to see a player (enemy or not) and being able to quickly tell which class they are. It would seem to me that if you lost the ability to quickly determine which class a player was, you would lose a passive strategic element of gameplay as well.

      • Burst-Light commented  · 

        I hope they dont let you change colors to fikin pink or yellow, that would take the war-Ish feel of the game

      • Dangler92 commented  · 

        I think further customization in terms of all aspects including more unlockable abilities, more unlockable weapons, more unlockable attachments, unlockable armour, the introduction of class specific passive abilities, the option to use the touch pad for choosing weapons or abilities so more than 2 of each can be in a load out at a time, if 3 abilities become available have the final ability be able to taken from another class like in killzone 2 as an unlockable, if 3 weapons become an unlockable have 2 be primary with 1 secondary, more skins, more everything, and introduce manned turrets and jet packs into multiplayer as well as split screen mode

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