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Make the guard drone more powerful

The scout's guard drone is very weak. The scout class itself is already under powered in my opinion. Even if the drone had the ability to follow you around like the assault class that would make it better. Not to mention that the time it takes to level up the drone takes painfully long...

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    thajewbear shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • ablemorghon commented  · 

        This, along with the online collectibles BS they made for this DLC makes me regret getting the online pass.

      • Fixlarz commented  · 

        I have noticed that the guard drone seems quite weak even though I don't have the DLC yet. I agree that it should do maybe a bit more damage than currently, I've barely died from one since they released it. Also, the XI challenge requirement shouldn't be that much higher than the drone buddy's 200 since it isn't that much more powerful.

        Not related to the guard drone: the Scout is not under powered, it just requires a bit more skill to master. The Vultur and now after the most recent patches the Kameraad are some of my favorite weapons. They upped the Kameraad's fire rate crazily, you can spam that thing so much as long as you have a silencer and I love it. Scout also has the laser trip mines which are one of the best explosives to get an easy kill with (when used sneakily). Not to mention C4, the Punt, the Fors... You can be really aggressive with the Scout as long as you plan ahead, I even got my highest killstreak with it the other day (31!) [with only a few cheap spawnkills]. Just gotta learn how to use it. It takes time to master and isn't as easy as, for example, the Assault class, at all.

      • ToxicRain28 commented  · 

        I think the guard drone should have at least more defense and faster evasion to enemy shooting. while I completely agree with the concept of stationary drones helping to protect and stun seeing as you acknowledge that yes a scout might need to be stationary and doesn't have eyes in the back of their head so they need something watching over them. if you look at the top classes taking the top slots after a match its usually support or assault (mostly support) scouts are at the bottom because they lack point makers like the spawn beacon or something like that and really all they have is going invisible and cutting someone. the drones aren't bad but I agree you need to increase defense, speed and maybe a wee bit with power. I stood in front of one killed 5 people then shot the drone and walked away......

      • OxygenGamingNet commented  · 

        In my opinion the guard drone sucks. i understand that you guys get that the scout class can be a stationary class that snipes from a distance and drones in the area to protect the scout when he is stationary is good but the scout class is under powered between assault, support usually taking top slots, scout is most likely on the lower end. i think the guard drone should have boosted defense and possible faster evasion and let it stay there even after we die. I dont know about other people but i could use a little security that actually works. having a guard drone that can actually kill and help alert me when enemies are moving in.

      • JotunNeko commented  · 

        @BEERODEATH - I know how you feel, man. I'm nearing 125 and it's annoying challenges like these that really make me start disliking a game ._. Getting to 125 has already been about a week of my time, several hours put in per day. It's a little ridiculous. And anyone saying the drone is not meant to kill, or whatever-, if it wasn't meant to get kills, the way to level it up wouldn't be directly linked to this, now would it?

      • BEERODEATH commented  · 

        I been playing the guard drone and now at 236 kills. The guard drone is the stupidest thing i ever done online. I think ramdonly giving out my credit card number would be number two. Who ever thought of it should be proud b/c getting something that like into a game and should be rewarded. Maybe a trophy stating how I screwed the scout class and no one is blaming me hahaha. Sign *******. Really a guard drone for ******? A GUARD DRONE FOR A ******? Then give us a piece of **** gun to try and help us lvl the stupid thing. After playing everyday for weeks and getting 5000 kills using the scout class I really really hate this game. Sign a ****** who unfortunately bought this **** and the season pass to boot.

      • IamHopeman commented  · 

        the guard doesnt need to deal more damage...
        it would be enough if the guard drone would stay where you placed it after you died, just like the stun drone ;)

      • sfortis commented  · 

        i've a better idea! leave only the Scout class and remove the others from the game... jesus...

      • JotunNeko commented  · 

        Yes. A thousand times yes. Please make the Guard Drone either deal more damage, be able to take more damage or.. both. Because right now, this thing is absolutely useless.

      • Clonati commented  · 

        F*** no, this idea is bloody ******** they are already OP.

      • Wofuljac commented  · 

        Just make it slightly more powerful.

      • UnbelievablyRAW commented  · 

        Please don't

        The turret spam is bad enough, we don't need every bot in the game have the ability to wipe out enemies with ease

      • paniro commented  · 

        I want my triple chocolate chip cookies.

      • DeathsStalker commented  · 

        Take a buddy drone, shove a crayon up its nose and it becomes the Homer Simpson of buddy drones and that's pretty much how effective a guard drone its...

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