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After the last petch sony and clear that the VC30 and useless and harmless, it takes at least 4 shots at close range to kill an enemy , often the blow to the head is ineffective , even more so now when the game lags so chronic .
The VC30 icon killzoniana is now reduced to a weapon of b- series , is the most lethal secondary weapon equipped.
No one uses it , the better the more lethal grenade launcher accessory that now monopolized in clashes species when everyone lags .
Not exactly understand the reasons why the last pecth that concerns the consol has affected the performance and features of the game in particular for VC30 , but it is evident that in addition to the problems of lag of play , have increased, loading , and operation, of the same console .
Black screen , audio problems, and even shut down the console, are reported by multiple users .....
Surely the VC30 no longer has the same features after this last update , as if something has not calibrated the game .
We hope in the short term solution to this problem that has flattened the game in favor of the assault classes \ scout , restoring the originality of the VC30

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    iena999 shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • iena999 commented  · 

        Jeroen (Admin, Guerrilla Games) responded · Jun 2, 2014
        We buffed the Sickle a bit.


        Proven petch 03 \ 06 \ 2014 VC30 Insufficient ...... a sweetener that does not solve the problem requires restoration originality

      • SEBXDXDXD18 commented  · 

        I found i enjoy the game more without the map being dominated by OP vc30s. I challenge the fact that they suck now they just requires skill to use. As i play as insurgent i pick them up occasionally and i do have streaks without camping. JUST ITS CHALLENGING DOSENT MEAN ITS IMPOSSIBLE.

      • StorMigInte commented  · 

        This gun is problaty going to come in a dlc pack anyway

      • sfortis commented  · 

        yes please... bring the OLD sickle back and bring some shotgun FUN back to the game!

      • Haihappen commented  · 

        lena is right. The Sickle is now absolutely useless. All the Shotguns should be effective close range weapons, the Sickle being the strongest of them. Also the incendiary rounds are too weak because the effect wears off to fast. I think the incendiary rounds would be good to make burning enemies panic.

      • timakov commented  · 

        VC30 work great in past, now it piece of junk.

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