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Reduce the GL count to 1 grenade

This game is run rampant of GL all over the place. People are dependent of using this noobtube. It has taken all the fun and skill out of the game.
The solution to this is simple. Everyone starts off with 1 grenade, if they have the GL attachment, they have the option of either using the grenade for throwing or to use it with the grenade launcher. That is it, pure and simple.

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    kemospear shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • AppleWindows90 commented  · 

        Does this also affect the offline botzone, too? or only the online mp?

      • matiasj2006 commented  · 

        because of a few, we all lose! this update sucks

      • BraiNKilleRGR commented  · 

        So now do we look at the amount of Spider grenades the support class can have? The noobtube should have been taken down to 2 grenades (not 1). Oh well Advanced Warfare is coming.

      • nomoredreadz commented  · 

        I would like to add that noobtubing is not the only tactic that is kind of lame, is overly used, and aggravate people. To name a few:
        - mobile mine spamming from the staircase in *********. (support with supply crate)
        - Base camping in the Park.
        - Airbot spamming ( ever played the Station against a WHOLE team of engineers spamming airbots?)
        -Grenade Spamming (thank you supply crate)
        - Camping ( this one is an old debate)

        I say all are ok. If people get a kick out of blindly spamming 'nades or mobile mines, let them be. Not everyone gets to be a skilled player. And each tactics has its Achilles heels.

        Noobtubers eventually run out and become dead meat, spammers eventually spam in empty area before realising that the fight is on the other side of the map. Bot spammers get sliced by cloaked scouts... etc. I dont play much noobtube so I dont care much about changes made for this weapon but i think its sad to penalise people who make a great tactical use of it, like flushing campers out or nicking people behind shields.

        As always its always up to you to react intelligently. As a camper, I'm never endlessly surprised by the amount of people consistently doing the same thing that got them kill in the first place over and over. Sometimes I get 5 kills streak with the same dude, running in my sights from the same place to the same place and not thinking about flanking or else.

        Thats poor skills. Nothing else. No reason to blame the camper if you act like WW1 cannon-fodder. Same applies to people falling prey to noobtubers, but who keep grouping in closed rooms along with 5 teammates, like in that green room in the park. Asking for it IMO.

        Again my only beef with the noobtube is that i works as a close range joker. Hence why its range should be modded so that It become a dud below 20m. , or bounce or whatnot.

      • nomoredreadz commented  · 

        I disagree with all of you!!!

        I hate noobtubers sometimes but not for the reason aforementioned. I think noobtubing is fine, and ammo count is right. Come on people, assault class need to get its boon. What i dont like at all though is people noobtubing at point blank and not dying with you. Noobtub should not get less ammo but should have a minimum range, like maybe 20 m. Actually, wasn't it like that in CoD?

      • Diresins commented  · 

        Also make sure it stays at 1, regardless of the game mode's ammo level.

      • Labess commented  · 

        UP !!! Le grenade launcher a trop de munition. Une grenade serait suffisant, car les joueurs en abusent pour faire du kill facile.

      • MinoNoud commented  · 

        I completely agree. This gun is ruining the game as you get an entire team using nothing but the grenade launcher and sitting on a spawn point. It's ridiculously OP.

      • DSouza_Vasco-91 commented  · 

        If as per design GG only allow 1 explosive per character, why assault have 3?
        The ammo should be reduced to 1 Grenade Launcher

      • Fixlarz commented  · 

        I agree that the grenade launcher abuse is quite high, but certainly not enough to "take all the fun and skill out of the game". I also agree that the GL needs a change, but I don't think this "only 1 grenade at all" is the right way. Instead, reduce the grenade launcher to not be able to deal one hit kills directly at all. In my mind the GL is supposed to be used to either finish off an enemy when you run out of ammo or shoot someone who is behind cover/a nano shield. Reducing the damage to say 80% max is certainly enough to finish someone off after running out of ammo and should be able to force people to retreat away from their cover.

        Alternatively: I don't know if it's possible, but I'd actually like the GL to be able to 1 hit someone who is inches behind their nano shield. It is annoying when people camp right behind it and maybe the GL should be able to kill someone doing so. Maybe there should be only 1 GL grenade that can kill nano shields and create an explosion strong enough with the nano shield destruction explosion to deal 100% damage and kill someone right next to it but the GL grenade isn't strong enough to kill someone on its own.

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