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reshuffling class abilities and weapons to achieve better class balance

Previous feedback threads about 'Killzone: Shadow Fall' have highlighted the problem with the Support class being too versatile; when equipped with specific secondary abilities and weapons, they can assume superior combat effectiveness than the assault and scout classes. It has been suggested that the support class be subdivided into two child classes with names from previous Killzone tittles (Tactican, Engineer, Medic); however, this has been rebuked as being too difficult to implement (split support class into support and medic.)

I propose a solution where no new content is required; the only requirement is that the challenge system be revised to comply with the following changes. Basically all suggestions reshuffle class secondary abilities and weapons between the existing classes to enhance their intended combat roles.

1) Secondary abilities

Of the secondary abilities, I have noted they can be categorised into the following:

Personal buffs: Dash, blast, cloak (3 total)
Automata drones: Turret, Air-support drone (2 total)
Personal drones: buddy drone, stun drone, guard drone (3 total)
Teleport: Emergency, Buddy (2 total)
Emitters: tactical emitter, E-pulse emitter (2 total)
Team-Support: Spawn beacon, supply box (2 total)

And this is the current distribution of these abilities between the classes:

Assault: 2 Buffs, 1 personal drone, 1 emitter; 4 total
Scout: 1 buff, 2 personal drones, 1 teleport; 4 total
Support: 2 automata, 2 team-support, 1 teleport, 1 emitter; 6 total

When set out this way, we can observe that the support class has considerably more secondary abilities to choose from than the other classes; and that many of these abilities enable assaulting (automata abilities) and scouting (emitter) combat roles.

But most importantly, the different ability types are not fairly distributed between the classes, even though each type has at least 2-3 variations and could be fairly distributed. In the current system, scout has majority of personal drones, the assault has majority of personal buffs, and the support has all automata and team-support abilities.

Consequently, a potential balance would be to give each class at least 1 of each ability type where there are 3 variations, and to fairly distribute class exclusions where only 2 abilities exist per type. As an example and in my personal preference, I suggest the following.

Air-suport drone, stun blast, buddy drone, E-pulse emitter

Cloak, Guard drone, Tactical echo emitter, spawn beacon, emergency teleport

Turret, Dash, Stun drone, Supply box, buddy teleport

In a list of changes this would be:

Assault gives ‘Dash’ to Support

(Dash contradicts the Nano Shield’s defensive playstyle. Instead, dash would be more beneficial to the support class they can quickly get to down allies and revive them, build fortifications in tactical locations and be supportive).

Scout gives ‘stun drone’ to Support

(Considering that the Assault classes are close range specialists, support are mid-range specialists, and scouts are long range, having the stun drone on a long range specialist detracts from its ability to EMP enemy equipment that is on the front/middle ground of the battlefield. Thus it would be better matched to the support class.)

Support gives ‘Air-support drone’ to Assault

(The role of Assault is to hold the line with their Nano-shields and tactically push forward. Giving them the Air-support automata would allow them to call in a drone that would assist in their advancement in out-door maps.)

Support gives ‘Spawn beacon’ to Scout.

(Giving the scout the ‘spawn beacon’ would bequeath to them the role of infiltrating behind enemy lines and setting up flanking positions, and then monitoring those areas with tactical echoes, while providing ****** fire while team mates spawn and set-up a defense. It feeds into their stealthy playstyle)

Support gives ‘tactical echo emitter’ to Scout

(This device is more appropriate to the scout class as this is the function of their primary ability, having the support class deploy this ability steals the scout’s thunder)

After this reshuffle, A highly recommended consideration would be to permitting equipping another secondary ability for all classes excluding the insurgent (1 primary, and 2 secondaries).

In the current class system this suggestion would be problematic due to the ability to double-up on similar abilities (e.g. having both turret and Air-Support abilities equip); however, in the proposed revised system, no double-ups are possible.

Enabling this would also remove the problem where players frequently choose personal abilities over team-orient abilities (e.g. Turret vs Supply box) because they don’t want to waste their ability slot if their team does exploit this deployable. This leads to the team-orient ability being rarely used in public matches, which reinforces this stigma among the community, which futhur reduces its use. Additionally, this would assist players in completing the game’s challenges as they can use multiple abilities at once, and would assist in unlocking weapon attachments faster for newer players.

2) Weapons

This is not a critical change with the secondary abilities, but by performing the same analysis with the abilities we get:

Assault: 2 SMG, 2 Assault Rifles, 1 shot gun
Scout: 2 DMRs, 2 snipers, 1 SMG
Support: 2 Assault Rifles, 1 LMG, 2 heavy weapons, 1 shot gun

A potential balance would be to consider giving one of the Assault’s SMGs (Valk or Vlug) to the Support in exchange for one of their heavy weapons (Purger or Voltage).

This would require testing, but I think:

Support gives ‘Purger’ to Assault

(The Purger would synergises well with the Assault’s Nano-shield, and the fact that Assault cannot deploy supply boxes to reload means that the support class would have to resupply them, and encourage class cooperation. Additionally, fighting against such a force would encourage flanking, and make for interesting tactical gameplay)

Assault gives ‘Valk’ to Support

(Giving the Valk to the support would serve as a personal defense weapon (PDW) and provide an alternate close-quaters weapon to the sickle shot gun. It would also synergies with the Dash ability they are given in the suggested reshuffle, encouraging them to quickly dash between ally fronts, revive allies, deploy supply crates, and/or setting up turrets to defend strategic locations.)

It is hoped that these suggestions for class re-balancing are considered, and are potentially implementable.

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      • Four_Emperor commented  · 

        No , Killzone is balanced in a sense that it is designed not to give advantage to a certain side.... Not all maps are open space where you can use the voltage and purgers. Just like you cannot snipe in all maps as effectively like in the remains or the forest.
        Also , support class will always be the key to winning matches even though there will be a collective effort from everybody. If you look at the character design the support class is fat than the assaults and the movements are slow as well. In a confrontation with assault unless you can get a headshot 9 times out of 10 an assault is going to kill him with faster movement and faster guns. Support class is designed for mid range battle who make sure the assault in the front are tactically present and revive or provide necessary materials to them but that does not make them overpowered.

        The Stun Blast of assault being the most powerful ability can stun everything in the game including air support drones. The shield is strong enough to block everything as it levels up. Also the purger is ineffective if the opponent is running in circles and shooting at you.
        The voltage as well gives your position away and may not be useful against close to mid range enemy and is heavy as well.

      • Four_Emperor commented  · 

        Well there are some great ideas the guys can take into from yours.

      • BSprofile commented  · 

        You'd have my votes if I had any left... :-/

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